About us

Hello. My name is Becky and together with my husband, Stuart, we have decided to take a leap into the property development business. I plan to document our journey as both newlyweds and business partners in this blog.

I have always had a passion for design and interiors and dreamt about doing this as a career for years. My favourite TV programmes are Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop and after years of me asking “Ohhh, do you think that could be us?” and Stuart replying with an unenthusiastic “Yes dear”, we have finally decided to give it a go. For anyone wondering Stuart’s favourite programme is Grand Designs, but that’s a long term goal.

Why now?

We have lived in Canada for 4 out of the past 6 years and have both had lots of different jobs as a result of all the moves. I have worked in visual merchandising, retail management, event management and marketing. Stuart is a plumber to trade and after having his own domestic plumbing company moved into large scale commercial plumbing and mechanical work where he progressed to Foreman. (I’m not entirely sure what all that means but I do know we won’t be paying for any plumbing.) All the moving around gave us the unique opportunity of being able to start afresh every other year and really evaluate what it is we want to do long term.

After moving back to Scotland permanently and with no real commitments we decided now was a great time to see if we can make it work. To fund the business we sold a flat which we previously renovated (I’ll speak more about that later.)

I will be responsible for all the design, decor and documenting the journey alongside my regular job as an Event and Marketing Manager. Stuart will handle every other aspect of the business including finding the properties, construction, trades, finances and selling. This will be his full time job.

While our skill sets compliment each others and on paper this should be an ideal partnership, I do worry about the strain this will have on our relationship. But we plan to keep it fun, stay in our own lanes and put our marriage first. Fingers crossed this ends in success and not divorce!

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